What do we wear?

Ahh, so you want to update your photos - but don't know what to wear?

I can help. Below are some tips, but if you want some visual inspiration, feel free to get in touch and I can help you out.


  • Avoid clothing with big prints or logo's - they can be very distracting in the images.

  • Over do the accessories, a nice scarf, necklace or hat will look fine,  but less is more.


  • Co-ordinate.  Think of colours that go well together without being all the same.

  • Use fabrics with texture - linen, soft flowing dresses and lace all photograph well.  But there is absolutely nothing wrong with your favourite jeans and a nice shirt.  

  • Bring along your child's favourite teddy, blanket or book.  Sometimes it's just what they need to feel safe in front of the camera.   As much as you might dislike that tired looking teddy now, in a few years time having a special photo with the beloved teddy might be something for you to treasure.

If your not sure, feel free to contact me.  I am more than happy to help.